Our Team


Our great team is here to help you make you feel comfortable and keep you informed with your treatment.

Amber – Scheduling, insurance benefits and treatment coordination, chairside assisting. Amber@FantasticDentist.com

Alan – Registered Dental Hygienist, works to keep our patient’s gum health stellar, treats periodontal or gum and bone health around your teeth, explains oral hygiene home care, explains various types of gum health and devices used to maintain or improve oral health, uses: micro ultrasonics cleaning, piezo sonic cleaning and manual cleaning instruments. Alan@FantasticDentist.com

Kim – Registered Dental Hygienist, accounting and organizational activities. Kim@FantasticDentist.com

Angela – Registered Dental Assistant, chairside assisting, explains dental procedures (not pictured). Angela@FantasticDentist.com

Tiana– Treatment coordinator, scheduling, front office and chairside assistant. Tiana@FantasticDentist.com